The DenverSkyhubLink Project is being carried out as a group effort between Jack KEØVH, Skyler WØSKY, the Denver Water Amatuer Radio Club, and the Rocky Mountain Radio League.  As of now the system has the following connections and repeaters operating from the Denver Colorado area.
The system at this time consists of the following linking systems and repeaters
AllStar Node 46079 Skyhub
YSF Reflector YSF 92722 US Skyhub Link - Denver Skyhub
DMR Talkgroup 310847
Yaesu Fusion Wires-X Room 46361 "DenverSkyhubLink"

Repeaters in Denver
RMRL K1DUN 449.450 mHz -5 mhz offset 103.5 pl analog
RMRL KIØGO 449.750 DMR Timeslot 1 Talkgroup 310847
DWARC KDØSSP 448.350 Fusion digital locked onWires-X room 46361
RMRL/DWARC KEØVH 449.625 Fusion Digital Wires-X rooms steerable but normally on room 46361
*(See below regarding 449.625 as it is open to all Wires-X Fusion rooms)
The Skyhub bridges the different modes together in one server, allowing all to be connected or disconnected via the web browser.  Node 1708 is the DMR/YSF/Wires-X bridge.  The YSF Reflector 92722 is connected in the software to the DMR Talkgroup 310847, and then is heard on the 449.750 repeater on timeslot 1.  The YSF reflector is also connected via hotspot and a MCS-2000 Motorola radio sending the C4FM signal
to the KDØSSP Fusion 448.350 repeater
which is then joined via an HRI-200 Wires-X controller to an FTM-100, and then on to the "DENVERSKYHUBLINK" Wires-X room and on to the same system at KE0VH/RPT 449.625
Then thru the AllStar remote base node 1708 K1DUN 449.450 is joined into the network.  Any other AllStar nodes, DMR stations on talkgroup 310847 can join into the links, such as the AllStar node K4KR 45649 from Chickamauga Georgia as seen here.
The system begins with the Skyhub.  It is a server running software to bridge the different systems
We also have a P25 reflector 10294 on the Skyhub fulltime.
 1.  Put your radio in Wires-X mode to see what room the repeater is on. (see above pics)
 if on DENVERSKYHUBLINK, say something to the effect "This is (callsign) is the 449.625 repeater in use?"
 If not, (which will be most of the time probably) "Callsign" switching 449.625 to (Room) "America Link", "TexasNexus",
Remember the repeater switches back to "DENVERSKYHUBLINK" after an hour, so if using it you will have to switch back     manually.

2. PLEASE DON'T leave the repeater locked into another room just for monitoring purposes only.  Making contacts is great, listening for awhile to see who is on is fine, making contacts is encouraged but just using for personal background monitoring is not.

3.  If not using the repeater please switch back to "DENVERSKYHUBLINK" but no worries if you don't as it will switch back automatically anyway.

4.  HAVE FUN!  N3ZF Bernie has worked more than 80 countries and many states on 449.625 on the America Link room 21080. The world is online for your choice to make contacts with!

When on one of the DENVERSKYHUBLINK repeaters, please key up for a second or two before speaking.  This gives the system time to make the links active.  The system doesn't behave time wise like a stand alone repeater.  PLEASE leave room between transmissions to allow other stations to join in.  It can be difficult for other stations to be heard if you are quick on the PTT.
448.350 is locked on "DENVERSKYHUBLINK" fulltime.  449.625 is our "play with" other Wires-X room repeater.
If you have any questions please email Jack KEØ
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